Truckers Whip Around When They See Dehydrated Baby Elephant Struggling On Side Of Road.

While driving on their usual route, truck drivers from AfriAg transport company in Johannesburg, South Africa saw something unusual through the dust and haze ahead of them. Drawing near to the curiosity, one of the men, Carlos, realized there was a downed bridge ahead of them. Suddenly a rustle in the bushes caught their attention. To their utter amazement, a newborn elephant was trotting straight for them.

Both drivers scanned the horizon for any sign of the baby male elephant’s family. The mother and his herd were nowhere to be found. Noticing the heat of the day and the little elephant’s lack of nearby drinking water, Carlos thought the little one might be thirsty… and boy was he right.


Over the course of 45 minutes, the 3-week-old elephant guzzled nearly 30 liters of water before finally slowing her desperate attempt to hydrate.

The truckers put her in their truck and transported the baby elephant to the wonderful people at Elephants Without Borders where she received the very best care and protection in the world.


The elephant is “doing very well,” according to Chantelle Beyleveld, a friend of the rescuers who posted the video and photos of the rescue on Facebook. In an email to The Dodo she said, “My reason for posting [the photos and video] was to show the people that truckers also have a heart and will go out of their way to help.”


Check out the adorable and heartwarming moment these two truck drivers save the baby elephant from certain death in the video below.

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