When Dad Bails On Father-Daughter Dance, Mom of 7 Makes Desperate Plea To Cops.

In a move that may win her a Mom Of The Year award, a mother of 7 just gave her 5 daughters a night they’d never forget. It all started with an email to the Phoenix, AZ, USA police department, imploring the public servants to give up one night for a father- daughter dance that meant the world to her girls.

“Hi my name is Laura and I have 7 children and this may be the strangest request ever but as a mom I thought I better try. You see I have 7 children and five of them are daughters and there is a father daughter dance happening March 24th and my girls have no dad to take them.”


The sweet email quickly made the rounds in the police community, and four officers, two from Phoenix and two from Avondale police departments stepped up in the most heartwarming way.


The four officers escorted the girls to the dance that was held at their school.


They all had the time of their lives.


The Phoenix police department captured every moment of the night and put together the video below for your viewing pleasure. It is the sweetest thing.

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