Paw Print Flower Art


ooking for a fun and creative way to make art at home? Are you a dog lover and want to involve your little friend in all activities? The paw print flower art may be the answer to both of the previous questions. The technique is simple: you use paint and your dog’s paws in order […]

The BEST Camping Ideas, Gear, Tips & Tricks


You’ll need: Big Water Jug – dedicated for hand washing only Paper Towels and a Plastic holder 2 Bungee Cords that will wrap around jug and holder (as in pic) Soap Dispenser Bucket for catching water, optional but recommended more details here…

DIY Amineko Crocheted Cat


Cats are lovely animals and everything cat themed is a huge hit this year. So that’s why you should master this next DIY crochet project and make the cutest crochet cats ever for your children or friends. Once you’re done with the first cat-doll you can make a few more and place them all over […]

Mattress Company Makes “Bunk Beds” for People and Their Pets


Drifting off to sleep while snuggling with a pet might be sweet, but it’s not necessarily restful—especially if your dog or cat is a bedhog. Enter Colchão Inteligente Postural’s new mattress, a “bunk bed” of sorts that allows pet owners to share a bed with their animals without having to jockey for sleeping space. The […]

Anxiety Makes You Fat, Sick And Depressed…Here Are 10 Herbs That Work Better Than Drugs


Would you be surprised by the facts that two of the most common prescribed drugs in the U.S. are antidepressants. If you find that it’s hard to believe, then you need to know that actually, mental health has affected so many people nowadays. And the number of the people suffering from mental health problem doesn’t […]

19 iPhone Tricks And Tips Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know. #7 Just Made My Life


#2 There is an undo function that allows you to go back if you make a mistake writing a text message, email, or editing a photo. Simply shake your phone and this option will pop up.

DIY Firecracker Cupcakes for the Fourth of July


Don’t you just love cupcakes? They are soft, creamy and can be decorated in lots of fun ways, according to any occasion. This next idea of Firecracker Cupcakes is so much fun, perfect for the upcoming 4th of July and you can ask your family and kids to help you with their decoration. Once you […]

“Cozy Blankets”- Perfect idea for winter!


These chunky and cozy blankets are just perfect for winter. So, here’s a video that will show you how to make your own giant, chunky, bulky, blanket. This blanket is massive, but since the wool rovings are so thick, there aren’t actually that many stitches required and it won’t take too much time. After felting the wool […]

15 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Kitchen


If you have not already done in the spring, summer is a good time to refresh your kitchen. We present you 10 easy ways to decorate your kitchen, give her a unique element and make you feel more comfortable in it …

She Cuts A Pair Of Underwear. The End Result? I Had NO Idea!


Using a pair of underwear for a DIY project can sound a bit odd at first, but just hear us out. You can turn a brand new pair of underwear into a sports bra in just a few seconds. The reason you should do this at home, instead of buying a ready-made sports bra is […]