Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before: Your Hair Warns You, And Here’s How!


Our body is trying to warn you if something went wrong with it. But most of the times those signs or signals are ignored because people are not paying attention to the details. Let’s take for example the chest pain.

Chest pain can be indicator for heart attack. But there are cases where people had heart attack but they did not had chest pain previously. Like we mentioned many people are ignoring the signals or signs that our body is sending to us and they do not receive the needed medical help in time. Ignoring those signs or signals can end up fatal.

Let’s face it-heart attack is number one killer in America. And you can know whether you will have heart attack and with that to prevent it by noticing the signals or signs that your body is sending. And the hair can be indicator for that as well. How? –

Well if the hair contains higher level of the hormone cortisol it can be indicator for a stroke. The cortisol can be measured in blood, saliva and urine but with the hair is different. This was tested on 56 people that had survived heart attack. And it was compared with others that did not have had heart attack ever.

We already mentioned chest pain as a sign of heart attack but there are more that can indicate heart attack such as sweating and nausea, difficulty breathing and even stomach problems.

Source: www.healthyfoodhealthyyou.com