“I Wuv You Wobot.” Curious Little Girl Attempts To Befriend Abandoned Water Heater In Adorable Video.

While many people are excited about the possible impact artificial intelligence could have on our future, others are terrified by the idea. But one little girl– Rayna, the child in the video below– isn’t just unafraid, she’s over the moon about the possibility of robot friends!

Rayna is so excited, in fact, that she’s ready for the future to start right away! So when she met a vaguely humanoid-looking water heater, abandoned on the street, she walked right up to say hello.


Of course, the “robot” doesn’t wave back. But that doesn’t deter Rayna from pursuing the friendship. Without missing a beat– and with a huge smile on her face– she moves in for a hug.


The video– which was filmed somewhere in the U.S.– is melting hearts around the country. There’s truly nothing as precious as the innocence of a child!

But the best part of the video isn’t the fact Rayna has mistaken a water heater for a robot, and it isn’t her adorable little hug. The best part is when Rayna sincerely says to her new friend, “I wuv you wobot.” So sweet!

Check out Rayna in the precious video below.

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