Donkey cries out for people to help her Injured Baby – Her request is answered!

This incredibly sweet, tiny baby donkey was attacked by a group of wild animals and heartbreakingly she had suffered more than a dozen deep bite wounds.

The shock alone could have been enough to kill her but she wasn’t about to give up that easily. Her mum was heard calling out for help with loud groans while her injured baby stood paralysed and silent clearly in a great deal of pain.

When someone living nearby heard the called from the mother she went to investigate and found Genevieve, the poor foal, in a great deal of pain. At first, she wasn’t sure what to do and thought that the donkey would probably die shortly, a friend advised her to call Animal Aid India and they rushed to try to save her.

Watch her mum’s amazing reaction during Genevieve’s first medical treatment below, she seems to understand that her baby is in safe hands as she eagerly watches on.

The tenderness and love shown from the rescuers at Animal Aid could teach us a great deal, Without the emergency rescue, this almost surely would have ended in tragedy but thanks to the support from these heroes this loving mother has her beloved baby by her side today.

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