Mom Hands Garbage Men A Note About 3 Year-Old Girl. Both Men Immediately Report It To Boss

Garbage men can experience a lot during their regular collection routes.  Not only do they find all kinds of different things in the trash, but they also meet all kinds of interesting people along the way. There is never a dull moment in the life of a garbage man.

Sometimes, garbage men have a run in with pets or even children on their routes. Just like the postal carrier or water delivery guy, the more these workers come around, the more friendly they get with families. Well one pair of garbage men were getting so close to a mother’s daughter, that it caused the mother to hand-write them a letter…

In Blue Earth, Minnesota, there is a particular family who enjoys watching the garbage men pull up to pick up their trash each week. It has become a family tradition for them to peer out the window and wave as the men collect their trash. Angie Evenson is the mother of four children–and it is her three daughters who always rush up to the window to say “hi” to the men each week.

Through time, the garbage men have formed an adorable friendship with the little girls, and the men love it. They enjoy waving back at the girls, and seeing their happy faces get all excited to see them. Grace, Rose, and Sophia can’t wait to hear the sound of the garbage truck coming around the corner to their house. As soon as they hear it, they drop what they are doing, and run to the window.


They even do kind gestures for one another, such as for Halloween, the men brought candy for the girls to eat. In return, the girls drew them pictures to thank them. The garbage men keep these drawings in their truck, and whenever they may be having a bad day, they look at the girl’s drawings, and it keeps them going.

The garbage men, Brandon and Taylor, enjoy the girls waving at them as much as the girls enjoy getting attention from the two men. This has been going on for about a year now, which is long enough for Angie to notice the bond Brandon and Taylor have developed with her three daughters.


Screenshot via YouTube

Then one day, Angie felt the need to write her daughters’ friends a letter. Her note said:

“We may miss you some Thursdays upcoming, our 3-year-old girl was diagnosed with cancer and has chemo on Thursdays.”


Facebook/Aaron Angie Evenson

Angie knew how much of a close bond Brandon and Taylor developed with her daughters, and so she just wanted to let them know that they might not be able to say “hi” as frequently as they were used to. This way, if they pulled up with their garbage truck, and the girls weren’t there to greet them, they would understand why.

Rose, Angie’s three-year-old who was diagnosed with cancer, was sadly diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. It unfortunately spread to her lungs, to where she now has to have radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Due to her treatments, the family will be making lots of trips back and forth to the hospital.


Facebook/Aaron Angie Evenson

After Brandon and Taylor received Angie’s note, they shared it with their management team at the garbage company. Wanting to help with the situation, Angie actually received a letter back from Brandon and Taylor. The letter read:

“Our teammates Brandon and Taylor filled us in on the situation and shared the very kind note that you left for them. We were so proud that their gestures gave you a reason to smile recently. Please accept our gift of free garbage service for you through the end of 2017.”


Facebook/Aaron Angie Evenson

Angie, and her husband Aaron, were blown away by the garbage men’s act of kindness. With everything they were dealing with, and just being a few weeks shy of what the results were of the treatment, they really needed this uplifting and heartwarming gesture. Brandon and Taylor even delivered the kids Christmas gifts shortly after.

Although the girls aren’t always there to wave at Brandon and Taylor like they normally would, the guys miss them, but they also understand why they can’t be there. So what do they do to make up for it? They spoil the kids when they do see them the next time.


Facebook/Amber Blom

Rose is still undergoing her chemotherapy treatments, however the good news is that the schedule of treatments will be changing to Mondays, which means the girls will get back their garbage men, and Brandon and Taylor will get back their girls.

Watch this video to witness this heartwarming story.

Everyone is fighting a battle, whether others know about it or not. A simple gesture, such as a wave or a hug can go such a long way. We are praying for Rose’s treatments, and hope she has a speedy recovery once she kicks her cancer to the curb!