Unlucky Family Was On Safari When One Rhino Decided He’d Had Enough

Going on a safari can be a fun and fascinating experience. It allows ordinary people to view animals up close that they wouldn’t otherwise get to see in their natural habitat. There’s nothing quite like seeing the world’s most exotic animals living in nature!

It’s important to remember, however, that visiting animals in their domain means that anything can happen, and you’re visiting on their terms. Even from the supposed safety of a vehicle, some animals can still be dangerous. That’s exactly what one group of tourists realized as they were watching some rhinos in Namibia!

A group of tourists in Namibia’s Etosha National Park were fascinated as they watched two rhinos from the safety of a Jeep.


Everything seemed fine as another tourist, 48-year-old Alexandra Poier, filmed the scene from her own vehicle… until the rhinos got closer.


What happened next was insane!

Things could have ended a lot worse for those tourists. Thank goodness they were able to escape. Though, that must have been one strong SUV!

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