Kitten’s nose is swelled up – now watch when the vet realizes the terrible truth

Being a pet owner can really bring happiness and joy – even comfort and solace.

But it also entails a lot of work.

When you bring an animal home, you should with no exception prepare properly. Just like humans, animals suffer if not properly cared for.

One day, pet owner from Nebraska saw that their beloved kitten’s nose had greatly swollen up. They were instantly alarmed.

Their little kitten clearly did not feel great – so they did what any responsible pet owners would do, and took her to the vet

When I read this story, I immediately knew I wanted to share it to bring attention to the fact that one must always seek medical attention when one’s pet appears to be sick.

The poor animal clearly did not look so good – its swollen up red nose understandably stunned the vet when the owners brought their kitten in for examination.

The medical team promptly examined the kitten, and soon delivered shocking news to the family: a cuterebra, a kind of parasite, had climbed into the kitten’s nose!

The poor little kitten could barely keep her head up. Her nose was hugely swollen when the family came in. Luckily, the parasite was removed and she received excellent care.

The vet later wrote on Twitter that the kitten is doing well and was expected to promptly recover.

This warmed my heart. Imagine how hard it must have been for her to go through this!

Watch the video below to see the cuterebra be removed – but be forewarned that the video contains strong images!

“These parasites do not look for animals, but when an animal walks around, the parasite can put eggs and hatch it as an answer to the host’s body heat. An egg can also be leaked, get into the nose or stuck in an open wound,” explains the veterinarians according to Telegraph.

This is crazy, but I’m so glad that got pulled out and gave the kitten relief!

Please share this with your friends to remind them that it’s important to always seek care for their pets if they suspect something is wrong.