Twins Defy Odds, Capture Hearts When Born Holding Hands. 2 Yrs Later Mom Turns, Sees THIS

When twins Jenna and Jillian were born two years ago, doctors could not believe their eyes. The girls, born in a “one in 10,000 monoamniotic birth,” in which the babies share the same amniotic sac, immediately reached out when they were delivered to hold each other’s hands.

Monoamniotic births can cause serious complications, and the girls’ mom, Sarah, was put on bed rest for 57 days to reduce the risks of her pregnancy. But the twins defied the great odds and survived, and since that momentous moment on May 9, 2014 the two have been inseparable.

“Sometimes if my husband goes to the store, he’ll take one twin and I’ll keep the other,” Sarah said. “When that happens, they both get really upset and ask for each other. They’re definitely really close. They’re like two peas in a pod.”

Sarah recently posted a picture of the twins that is reminiscent of the first photo taken of the two of them, and it shows the special bond they continue to share today.

Twins Born Holding Hands Are Now 2 Years Old and Closer Than Ever: ‘They’re Like Two Peas…

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