Cops Find Boy Beaten Bloody In Mall,Spot What’s Wrong As Soon As He Turns Around


Police in Florida got a call to check on a battered child at the Dolphin Mall in Orlando. When they arrived, they spoke to the boy’s parents. They soon got to the bottom of the situation, and the parents have been arrested.

The young boy, whose name has not been released, was on the sidewalk with his mother and father when police arrived. The police approached the boy’s father, Mariano Pinar, 28, to ask him why the boy looked bloodied and shaken. There were welts across the boy’s back.

As the police interviewed the boy’s father, they observed that the boy was ‘nervous, shaking, crying and afraid to speak’ to authorities. Pinar also looked nervous and seemed evasive when police asked him questions.

Eventually, the father broke down and confessed. He beat his son with a belt before arriving at the shopping center.

Police then separated the boy from his parents and began questioning Dazny Torres, 27, who they also felt was being evasive. The woman also finally confessed to striking the boy, and explained her story to the police officer in Spanish.

“I am sorry, but [s]he wouldn’t shut up,” said the officer.

The boy was tended to by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. They finally got the frightened boy to talk, and he told police that it was his mother who always hit him, even though today it was his father. According to the boy, his mother had given him a scar that ran the length of his skull by hitting him with a belt.

“My mom is the bad one. Dad just hit me today,” the boy told officers, according to police reports.

“It was rather disturbing, it was an unfortunate case where the child had been severely abused to the extent that he had visible injuries and he was bleeding,” Sweetwater Police Chief Placido Diaz pointed out.

The parents have been arrested.

Source: Mommy Page
Photo: Mommy Page