Thugs Flee Walmart With Stolen Goods, Didn’t See What Was Around The Corne


As four black thugs ran out of a WalMart in Orange County, Florida, with two shopping carts full of stolen merchandise, it seemed like they might make a clean getaway. However, some brutal karma decided to pay them a visit outside in the parking lot.

According to Daily Mail, the attempted robbery took place on Saturday morning just before 8 am. The four suspects were followed out of the store by WalMart loss prevention staff who confronted them as they were trying to load the stolen merchandise in their vehicle. What happened next was unexpectedly epic as a good guy with a gun stepped in to help. What happened next was unexpectedly epic as a good guy with a gun stepped in to help.

According to Police, the incident took place on the 5500 block of Clarcona Ocoee Road in the Pine Hills area of Orlando. The unidentified good guy with a gun noticed a “commotion” near the suspect’s vehicle, according to police.

The man then confronted the suspects near their maroon Nissan Rogue and “felt threatened” when he saw one of the alleged robbers reaching into the vehicle for something. Fearing the suspect was reaching for a gun, the customer pulled his gun and fatally shot the 19-year-old suspect.

 Police have not released the identity of the dead suspect or the identity of the customer who killed him. The suspect’s vehicle had been reported stolen after a carjacking on January 13th.

Renee Kirmani, a witness to the incident, told Channel 9 that she saw the four men pushing carts filled with diapers and other items to a vehicle in the parking lot as a WalMart employee chased after them. She said, “I see them surrounding the car and the boys throwing stuff in, the employee was like, ‘Don’t get in the car.’”

Kirmani says she was too busy taking cover to see the shooting happen. “That I didn’t see,” she said. “I heard shots and then we just ducked down, because we didn’t know where the shots were going.”

The 19-year old suspect ran to a nearby gas station while his three accomplices jumped in the car but crashed before they could drive away. After crashing the vehicle, the three men exited the vehicle and fled.

As more and more Americans exercise their 2nd Amendment right to carry firearms, more criminals will have to answer and sometimes fatally for victimizing the innocent. The good guy with a gun is always welcome news for those who want to see America great again.