Man Jumps Off Bridge With 2 Children In Arms-When Police See THIS? Holy Cow!

Do you believe in miracles? If not, I’m hoping to make you believe in them after this article. Two brothers, ages 1 and 3, are recovering in a hospital after being thrown off a New Jersey bridge by their father in an attempted murder-suicide.

It was around 7 in the evening when John Spincken, 37, stormed out of his house after an argument with his wife. While leaving he threatened to kill the boys, but the wife was too small to do anything.

Thanks to technology, the police were able to locate the car via Spincken’s cell phone but found them too late. The police spotted all three people at the bottom of the bridge which is approximately a 100-foot fall.

The father was pronounced dead, but the two boys were conscious! The 1-year-old suffered a bruised lung and concussion and the 3-year-old boy had only a concussion. The odds are practically impossible!

Not only was it a miracle that they had no life-threatening conditions, but they also landed in the woods instead of the river. The boys are being treated for those few injuries but are recovering well.

I have no doubt that these two boys have a special purpose for life. What one man tried to take away, God gave back in this amazing miracle!

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