Marine Gets Spit On By Young Punk – Gets Taught A Lesson He Will Never Forget


A group of Marines decided to go have some fun at the Rock on the Range concert event in Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately, during the event, one Marine’s wife ended up taking out her phone and recording because a longhaired, apparently liberal, young man came up to the group of Marines and started calling them “murderers.”

The Marine’s wife was shocked to see this man approach her husband and call him a “murderer.” She had never really thought about what it meant when her husband went abroad to fight terrorists, but she recorded everything.

After the incident, the Marine posted the video with the caption, “guy walked up and spit in my face and another Marines (sic) face.” The next line said: “Dude almost got his ass kicked.”

In the video, you’ll see the marine with his arms outstretched as he confronts the man calling him a “murderer”.

The young punk turns to leave several times, clearly angry, but the Marine keeps talking to him, trying to get his point across.

Then a bit later, the long-haired aggressor approaches another Marine standing off to the side and gets in his face. The first marine then walks over to the altercation and tries to break things up because it looks like things are getting out of hand.

The angry man then spits in the first marine’s face. At that point, his brothers in arms walk over and stand in front of him. The man avoids manages to not get beat down because a Columbus police officer shows up at that moment and tells him to clear out.

The group of marines clearly did not want to resort to violence, and they commented on Facebook: “A big thanks to Columbus P.D and Ohio Highway patrol for assisting,” in reference to the incident.

If the cop had not showed up when he did, the long-haired aggressor would have very likely wound up on the ground or worse.

Photo: AWM