Man Notices Sobbing Woman In McDonald’s, Then Cashier Screams When He Goes To Reveal His ‘Order’


The employees at a Fort Worth, Texas McDonald’s recently got the surprise of their lives.

In a touching incident captured on the restaurant’s surveillance cameras, a regular customer approaches the cashier — but he’s not there to order a meal. Not on this particular day, anyway.

Instead, this incredible man, who wants to remain anonymous, hands each of the employees a $100 bill. He also wants nothing in return for this unexpected and now viral act of kindness. One employee is heard screaming, “Oh my God!” as she realizes what’s happening.

As it turns out, this mystery man was recently diagnosed with cancer. When he walked into his favorite McDonald’s location, he spotted a fellow customer crying at her table. She, too, has been going through a rough time.

Something clicked in the man, realizing life is simply too short not spread kindness. This was all he needed to stand up and show generosity to the strangers right there in the room with him.

And, get this: The man left enough money for all 33 McDonald’s employees, even for the ones who were not there working at the time!

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