How to Make Ice Lanterns

12Would you like to make your own? Clear some space in your freezer and gather your supplies….

Large plastic containers of varying shapes (bowls, tupperware, buckets, etc.)
Plastic cups
Something to weigh the cups down so they don’t float (I used silverware)
Food coloring


Fill each container with 1 – 2 inches of water. Add food coloring to get desired shade, place plastic cup in center and weigh down, then freeze. Add a couple more inches of water + food coloring and freeze. Repeat until you reach the top, but make sure you leave about 1/2 inch of cup above the ice so you have something to grab when you are ready to pull it out. If the temperature is consistently below freezing where you live, you can also freeze your lantern outdoors.

To unmold the lantern, pour hot water into the cup and twist to release it. Run hot water over the exterior of the container to slightly melt the ice. Take the lantern outside and carefully unmold it. Place a votive candle inside and enjoy!