DIY Glowing Garden Ball


A couple months ago I found this round light cover at goodwill. Right away I pictured a garden ball, so I bought it for a dollar (man I LOVE a bargain). Of course with all the stuff going on over the summer we never did get to make it, until last week that is.

When I pulled the light cover out and and then got the left over decorative stones we used for our Stepping Stones last year my daughter was so excited. She started gluing the stones on right away. I think she was trying to make it look like a flower on the top since it was going in the garden.

I have to say this really did not take long to make at all, my grand plan to keep her busy for a while did not work since she was done in less than 30min. Oh well she did a great job and it looks awesome in the garden.

After we put it in the garden I wondered what would happen if we put our jack o lantern light in it once it got dark, so I told my daughter we would try it when it got dark out. WOW it is even prettier lit up! This project turned out so great and for the tiny little dollar I spent on that used light cover we got this awesome glowing garden ball that my daughter made. I am thinking I want to keep an eye out for more and have a bunch in the garden and then just use a string of Christmas lights to keep them lit up, what do you think?