If You’re Afraid Of Heights Do NOT Watch This Tree Removal Video

Some people consider jumping out of airplanes to be one of the biggest thrills life has to offer, but if you ask anyone who’s afraid of heights if they feel the same they would probably just call you crazy. A fear of heights isn’t that uncommon these days, nor has it ever been, but there are certain jobs which do require someone without that fear, like lumberjacks. For someone that’s never seen how a lumberjack goes about removing a tree without the use of large machines you’re in for a treat here; while out on a regular job one guy decided to keep his GoPro on him to record everything he sees while he’s getting his job done, and it proves how fearless you have to be to do it.

Up towards the top where the tree is the least thick and the slightest breeze can cause a big sway has got to be the most terrifying part of that job, but to this guy it’s just like any other day. There’s no way you’d ever catch me that high up a tree, safety harnesses or not, so the fact that he can do it and multitask chopping it down at the same time is astounding. Could you do it?