Girl tries to slap his nachos on the floor, he dodges like a ninja master before delivering instant karma

Man, there’re very few things I wouldn’t do for a large plate of nachos right now. Get a pepper jack queso deal going on, throw some beef, bell peppers, refried beans, sour cream and some onion and you’d really have my attention. They’re an absolute delicacy, and no one understands that more than the gentleman in the video below.

We’re not quite sure what started the animosity, but you can tell it was there before it began. Could it have been a bad breakup? Or maybe a couple of friends on the outs? We can’t say, but what we can say is that by the time the recording begins a man appears to be walking out of a sports bar of sorts carrying a to-go box of nachos. The guy is minding his own business when a woman storms in and begins swatting at the box he was so carefully holding. Initially the guy tries to fend her off by simply moving the food out of the way to avoid a scene, but it was clear she wasn’t letting up.

Soon enough he grew tired of fighting her off and decided, why not? If she wanted the food so badly, she could have it. He whips his arm slightly and the box goes flying straight at her face! He threw the thing so hard she was pushed back onto the bar and out of his way, so he kept walking right out as though nothing had happened at all.

Let this be a lesson, don’t f*** with someone else’s nachos. Na-cho-cheese indeed.