How to Clean Between Oven Window Glass


Okay, I think we can all agree that cleaning the oven is one of the most tedious, least fun household chores that there is. It’s nasty, and you have to get in awkward positions. All that squatting hurts your legs. You have to put your whole body in the oven to get the back wall, and I might be weird, but I’m always scared it’s going to get hot! Like it’s going to turn on by itself. Okay, no “might” to it, I am super weird. But, I digress. You spend all of that time scrubbing and wiping, and changing water and using paper towel after paper towel and so much glass cleaner to get it all sparkling clean. You think you’re done, and then you notice the glass door looks streaky or cloudy. How in the world is that possible? You just cleaned both sides more than once! Well, the glass is double paned. I can’t tell you how the inside gets dirty and grimy, but I can tell you that I found a way to get it cleaned. Anna Moseley is a genius who figured out that you can get in there to clean the inside of your oven glass! All it takes are some cleaning wipes and a wire hanger to fashion a cleaning stick. On the bottom of the door, there are little holes. You simply pass the hanger affixed with a wipe, and maneuver it to clean. I would have Never thought of this in a million years!