DIY Twin High Chair


Twins are said to be a blessing. But parents of twins say that saying is kind of overrated, because the efforts of taking care of a child are doubled. The costs as well! So normally, a couple will choose the DIY way, especially if there aren’t a lot of differences (in terms of utility and design) from a mass-produced version. So, let your wallet in the drawer and grab the following materials in order to make the ultimate twin high chair:

a pack of 2 baby chairs (<– here)
• a table;


Start by measuring the chairs and marking the table for the necessary cut. The place of the chairs should be at the margin of the table, just like in the photo. Make the appropriate holes and round up the corners with the help of some sand paper. Place the pair of baby chairs (with the belts attached) into the holes. The end-result is suitable for kids under 2 years of age. You can place some regular size chairs under the babies so they’ll have some `ground` under them. The nicest trick is that the chairs can face both ways – outward the table for feeding, and inward for all kinds of arts & craft projects.