12 Money-Saving Hacks That Will Give You Money To Spend


I don’t know about you, but I love saving money! Who doesn’t? Even wealthy people love to get the most out of their dollars! There are many ways to cut back and put a little money in your pocket. Coupons, loyalty rewards, and shopping discount bins to name a few. If you want to get a little more creative, the folks at Diply.com have blessed us with these amazing money saving hacks that will ensure a little more jingle in your pocket! Such as, research everything! Don’t settle for the first car insurance quote, shop around and compare as many as possible. This can save you hundreds over the course of a year. We just cut ours by thirty dollars a month by switching. Another way to save some green is to utilize any discounts you may be eligible for. Most places offer senior discounts. Most places offer military discounts. There are other discounts as well, including student and AAA! Don’t assume the establishment doesn’t participate if you don’t see it posted, ask! Meal planning is another great way to save money! You are able to make a list and buy only what you need. Plus, if you get it all in one trip, rather than shopping every day, you avoid impulse buying! Those 20 ounce sodas can really add up! To further elaborate on shopping, buy in bulk! Getting essentials and even groceries and household cleaners and such in bulk makes it well worth the cost of a price club membership, such as Sam’s Club or Costco. Start using these and the other fantastic tips listed here and you will be very happy with the results! More money staying in your account!