DIY Pudding Truffles


Remember when you saw that sweet-looking pieces of cake in the window of that pastry shop and was in awe at how much skill their makers must have to pull off such an amazing work? We’re here to tell you that you can too achieve the same result with no years or months of prior preparation. Only a simple photo tutorial and you will be able to make an entire batch of delicious pudding truffles with a festive Christmas theme in no time. For this recipe to work you will first need to make dark chocolate and raspberry cupcakes, but don’t set the mix in cupcake cups. Instead, use the content for shaping truffles. Then, with the help of toothpicks,after you’ve refrigerated the truffles for almost one hour, dip all in a pot of melted dark chocolate. One layer will be enough. A few steps later, like pouring white chocolate over each piece, you are only left with decorating with fondant leaves and raspberries. Follow the instructions written in the entire version of the tutorial. Get your supplies ready and enjoy your own homemade awesome dessert this Christmas!

Pudding Truffles – Ingredients & Directions