Unique Baked Potato Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water


Potatoes have been on my brain lately. They are the perfect comfort food and pretty nutritious as far as comfort foods go. I’ll eat a bacon and cheese covered potato over a bag of chips any day. You’ll think that too after seeing this scrumptious recipe roundup from OMG Facts!

I want the spinach and artichoke one right now! After that I’ll make the bacon and egg potato and after that the bourbon hazelnut. These are gourmet baked potatoes! I am so excited to have stumbled across this treasure trove of recipes and will definitely be heading to the store for ingredients!

Potatoes are quite good for you, packed with nutrients. One medium potato only has 163 calories. Yes, they are a carbohydrate but despite what Atkins says, our bodies need carbs. Everything in moderation. The same goes for all these delicious baked potato recipes….don’t eat them all at once. Pace yourself, lol. I know that the Bloomin Baked Potato has few more calories than a plain potato. Check out some of the health benefits of this yummy veggie here.

Here’s the link to all the delicious recipes. Including the one for that bloomin baked potato…