This Is What It Looks Like To Suddenly Fall Off A 150-Foot Cliff

Skiing is a beautiful sport that people of all ages can enjoy. Even though it’s fun, there are many risks taken when you careen down snowy slopes at speeds of 25-40 mph; serious accidents have happened even to the most experienced skier, and sadly, these accidents can be deadly.

In fact, there are roughly 600,000 skiing-related injuries reported annually in the U.S. alone. While there are many forms of safety equipment people wear to stay safe, no helmet will protect you from falling from great heights.

Devin Stratton, an experienced skier, knows all about that, because while he was recently skiing on the slopes of the Wasatch Range in Utah, he fell from a 150-foot high cliff. The craziest part of it all, might not have been the fall, but that he captured the entire event on video…

Devin was enjoying a beautiful day out skiing on the slopes of the Wasatch Range in Utah recently…


Devin filmed himself skiing down the hill from his point of view. The scenery was truly amazing.


While filming, Devin unexpectedly came upon a 150-foot high cliff. Watch what happens when he goes over the edge…

I can’t believe he made it out of that fall without so much as a scratch on his body…and got it all on film! Devin is a lucky man.

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