Simon Can’t Stand Her Song Choice, But Soulful Singer Proves Him Wrong.

When Chloe Paige stepped on stage at the X Factor UK you could feel her talent seeping through every pore. The 21-yr-old singer decided to switch things up a little bit for her audition.  Chloe sang a rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ that had never been done on the X Factor stage before. Not only did she give the classic song a soulful spin… but she sang it a cappella!


You could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium as thousands of people held their breath watching the young woman get lost in the song.


By the end of the third verse the entire crowd was in an uproar. Simon couldn’t even look at her for a moment.


It took a few minutes for the always composed Simon to collect himself before announcing, “that not only makes you deserve a seat…it deserves you…a place in the final!”

Though tears of gratitude and disbelief, Chloe walked off stage elated and ready to take on the world. Check out the amazing performance in the video below!

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Source:X Factor