Cleaning Hack: How to Remove Hard Water Stains with 1-Ingredient Solution


Hard water is water with high mineral content, such as lime and calcium. If you live in the areas with hard water, you may have encountered the problems of white scum and stains that have collected on your stainless steel kitchen sink faucet or bathroom shower head, which are very annoying to see. While there are powerful limescale removers out there, they may contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the human body. Luckily there are easy and effective home remedies that can do the job and they are absolutely natural. In the video below, YouTuber Crouton Crackerjacks shows us his ingenious 1-ingredient solution to remove hard water stains. You may have already known this powerful 1-ingredient solution for long. Yes, it’s Vinegar! All it takes is plain vinegar, some patience and a little bit of hard work to make the disgusting kitchen sink shiny again. Watch the video and see how Crouton Crackerjacks’ cleaning hack does the magic.

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