Man tries a trust-fall off 2-story building, friends chicken out at the last second

Where will you be when the Darwin Awards start calling your name? Will you answer the call like a barbaric madman, or would you decide living tends to have its perks and walk away? Walk away is something this guy should have considered, especially taking into account what his so-called friends did.

To be completely fair, the kind of idea this Newton of our time came up with was more than a little off the beaten track — he decided it would be a phenomenal idea to stand at the top of a two story building and perform a trust fall into the arms of his oh-so-loyal friends waiting below. He may have pulled it off had he chose some better friends, but then again better friends probably wouldn’t let someone do something that idiotic to begin with. Who knows? Instead, we get a pretty horrifying video of a guy jumping off the roof of some brick building to land flat on his back in a fairly loud “thud.” His friends had checked out of the ordeal moments after he looked back to ensure they were ready, and to be honest it didn’t appear as though they were going to catch him to begin with. A**holes, right?

Seriously, the moment he hits the ground you can just *hear* how badly that hurt – if it didn’t kill him instead. Fortunately he was raced off to a hospital and not left on the concrete to rot, but his condition is as-yet unknown. Maybe the next time he asks himself, “Do I trust these guys enough to catch me,” he’ll remember that having to ask that question already speaks the answer — No. I mean, would you?