420-Pound 8-Year-Old Makes A Remarkable Transformation To Get Her Childhood Back

It’s common to hear stories of the dangers of high cholesterol, calorie intake, high-sodium foods, and other health issues associated with eating too much junk food. The story of 8-year-old Jessica Leonard, however, is a warning like few others.

Growing up, the young Tennessee resident had access to a fridge and pantry chock-full of whatever snack she desired. This led her to gain weight at an unsustainable rate. Eventually, Jessica reached 420 pounds, supposedly making her the largest child in the world. Not surprisingly, she started to suffer from serious health issues as a result.

Thankfully, she was able to get help, and began the difficult process of losing weight. When you see what she looks like now, you’ll feel inspired.

At just 8 years old, Jessica Leonard weighed an unfathomable 420 pounds. She was experiencing serious health issues as a result of her weight


After child services stepped in, however, she was finally able to get the help she needed and began an incredible journey to lose weight.


Eventually, she looked like a completely different kid!

Thank goodness Jessica was able to get the help she needed to transform her life. This sort of thing really is essentially child abuse. It’s wonderful that she’s healthy now, though.

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