7 Ingenious Toilet Paper Hacks That Prove It Truly Is A Luxury

Toilet paper is one of those necessities that you can’t live without. Sure, our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of using it, but I don’t want to imagine what people did before Charmin Ultra Soft came around.

But the wonders of toilet paper don’t stop in the bathroom. It just so happens that there are numerous incredible uses for toilet tissue that you never could have imagined… and they’re absolutely genius!

It’s all thanks to YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker, whose channel is packed with all sorts of ingenious ways to improve your everyday life. We all use toilet paper, so we might as well be smart with it!

Everyone has to use toilet paper, but there are several ways to be smarter about it, which YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker highlights in his video.


For starters, there’s a simple way to prevent your dog from playing with it.


There’s also something clever that you can do with toilet paper using an ordinary coffee container.

Both of these tricks, and five other equally helpful hacks, are explained in the video below!