Parents Devastated To Find Babysitter Abused Their Child, Then Things Get Even Worse

It’s very alarming to find out how abusive some babysitters actually are. Here you think you are enlisting the help of a caring individual, and little do you know the person is actually evil! Truly horrifying. When it happens to your child the feelings of massive guilt and anger start to set in very quickly.

Usually evidence is present that can prove the abuse took place and the incident can successfully be handled by law enforcement. But for one Oregon couple, the police did not come through for them.


It was date night and the couple used a babysitter to take care of their one-year-old. The next morning they would discover bruises on the baby. Welts all over his face and head were present. Incredibly disturbing to see what was done to your child. The couple naturally called the police immediately.

The baby and the injuries were thoroughly documented by officers and social workers. Obviously this was the evidence needed to put the babysitter behind bars, right?

Wrong. Turns out, none of the evidence would be admissible in court. The abusing babysitter walked.

How in the world could this happen?

Apparently, Oregon state law saws that such abuse can be dismissed, regardless of medical and photographic evidence. The law says that the victim should be able to identify and verbally make a statement, even despite the fact that, in this case, the victim involved a 1-year-old. Crazy!

Naturally, the family is devastated with the outdated law. The babysitter abuser got off free because of it.

So the family has taken to social media to try and get attention for this ridiculous situation and bring awareness to this outdated law that has not brought them the justice they naturally seek.

It seems to be working as national news has picked up on the story and the DA is now promising to look further into the situation. The parents are determined to continue until justice is served!

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