How To Remove Mountains Of Snow From Your Roof Using Nothing But A Piece Of Cord

In the wintertime, a beautiful snowfall can almost make the cold, gray months worth it. There’s something appealingly picturesque about the world when it’s blanketed in thick white snow, making everything seem calmer and quieter.

That said, snow presents lots of obstacles, too. It may be pretty, but if you need to go anywhere or get anything done, you’re going to have to spend some time digging your way out!

A particular challenge for many older homes is getting excess snow off of the roof before it does any structural damage. Thankfully, this brilliant method makes that often troublesome process into a quick and easy task!

A heavy snowfall is always lovely, but it can damage the roofs of older homes if too much snow sits there for too long. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to remove it!


To start, secure a long piece of rope on one side of the roof and drape it lengthwise across the rooftop.


…give it a sharp tug and watch the snow slide right off!

That’s a really clever trick! It turns what might be an hours-long job into something quick and easy!

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