She Uses Zip Ties In Ways I’ve Never Seen. These Handy Tricks Can Help Everyone

Zip ties do so much more than we could ever think! From keeping our cleaning supplies up and out of the way, to making packing easier than ever – these plastic ties can help you with pretty much any task!

So grab your zip ties and reading glasses, it’s time to get to work!

Hang Up Your Brooms

Simply slide the zip tie in around the hole at the top of the handle and pull to make a loose circle. Then you can hang up your brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies out of the way and out of the reach of curious little ones!

Child-Proof Cabinets

Speaking of little ones, you can use a zip tie to secure cabinet doors that may seem interesting to babies. According to, children two years old and younger accounted for nearly 800,000 calls to poison control in 2014. You can prevent your child from being a statistic by keeping your cabinet doors nice and secure!

Make Fun Clustered Balloons

Poke zip ties through the tail of the tied balloon and zip tie it together to other filled balloons for a festive bundle! This style looks great at birthday parties, graduations, engagements, baby showers or any fun celebratory event!

Lock Your Purse

If you’re headed out to a crowded place and don’t want any strangers trying to nab the contents of your purse, use a zip tie to secure it! All you need to do is run the plastic through the zipper and around the strap. Unless the thief is carrying a pair of scissors, you should be good to go!

Inexpensive Curtain Rings

In a pinch and need to hang a curtain rod right away? Use zip ties to keep your shower curtain in place. This will save you a trip to the store and will last for months if you’re trying to keep your piggy bank full!


Organize Your Home

Crates are a thing of beauty in any busy home! But sometimes it’s easy to forget which crates holds which items! That problem is solved when you use zip ties to fasten labels to the plastic crates. Just run the top of the label through the holes in the crate and pull to fasten! You’ll never have to search for an item again!

Even More Room In Your Suitcase

Shirts, jackets, pants, socks and other clothing items all take up more space than they need to in your suitcase, but not anymore! Zip ties can keep the suitcase clutter to a minimum, which means you get to pack more and feel fabulous on any trip!

Keys Will Stay In Place Forever

Keychains are loud, heavy and unnecessary – so opt for a zip tie instead! Run the zip tie through the hole on the keys and pull it tight to fasten. Now you’ll have a foolproof keychain that doesn’t create a racket and break the bank.

Fix A Broken Zipper

Broken zippers don’t need to spell disaster anymore! Just run the plastic through the metal opening on the zipper and pull it together to make a small circle! The item will zip closed with ease and you’ll avoid throwing out yet another piece of clothing or accessory due to a broken zipper.


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Zip ties are the underrated hero of the world. They’re cheap, durable, versatile and can make a huge difference in your life if you give them a try! Once you’ve tested out these zip tie hacks, be sure to share them with your friends and loved ones.