Neighbors Hear Famous Actress Screaming, Call 911

Actress Misha Barton was hospitalized after neighbors reportedly found her on her backyard fence screaming about the end of the world and her mother being a witch.

Officers responded to calls about a disturbance coming from Barton’s apartment in Hollywood after Barton, wearing just a shirt and tie, started screaming about various things and having what appeared to be a mental breakdown.

When police arrived, West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Duncan revealed that the actress was fully clothed and “speaking in coherent statements.”

Barton, known for her role on The OC, was voluntarily transported to the hospital, People reported.


Not long after the incident, Barton took to Twitter and thanked fans for their well wishes on her 31st birthday – which she’d celebrated days earlier.

“Thank you all for the birthday messages xoxo,” she wrote.