Man Holds Wife’s Hand As She Goes Into Labor, Then Nurse Says ‘Other’ Woman Is Too

When a woman goes into labor it’s very common for the future mother to be accompanied by her partner, family and friends at the hospital. When a woman named Katie prepared to deliver her baby, she was happy to know that her sister, Corey, and Corey’s husband, Travis, were in the waiting room. In a surprising turn of events, it was revealed that Corey was also pregnant and planned to have a C-section within weeks of her sister’s birth. However, Corey’s plans were left in tatters when her sister began having contractions and Corey realized that she was going into labor early.

While Corey and her husband had originally planned to support Katie on the special day, it quickly turned into a far more stressful and exhausting day for the pair. As medical professionals began to perform a C-section on Corey, Katie’s baby came out into the world

Corey’s husband was amazed by the dramatic turn of events and made sure to document the momentous occasion on his phone.

During the video, an exhausted male medical officer walks out of the room, quizzically looking at Travis who says: “You know that’s my wife’s sister in there”, to which the doctors cheekily mentioned the coincidence, saying: “Did you plan that?”

he nurse on call at the maternity section of the hospital was amazed when the two sisters arrived, carrying their healthy, bawling children, likening the unlikely event to “having twins with separate people.” The cousins, only born 10 minutes apart, are healthy and happy infants, named Indie and Ryatt. The magical moment the two children came into the world is likely to be the beginning of a particularly strong and loving familial relationship.

After Travis uploaded his video of the ‘big day’ on YouTube, it received tens of thousands of views with one person, Robin Martz, summing up the miraculous event by commenting: “so wonderful! life is so precious! babies are such a blessing from God!!”

Source: Goodfulness
Photo: YouTube