RC car with a mini V8 engine sounds better than some full sized cars

You know, I’ve never quite understood the pleasure some people get from having loud cars, and I’m not talking about a classic Mustang roaring as it passes 100mph. I’m talking about those people in the small, pseudo-sports cars going about 15mph through town sounding as though they’re on the drag strip. You know the ones. While that may be an annoyance for me I understand not everyone has the same sentiment so… it is what it is. Even with that knowledge, even with my own distaste of it, this little custom RC car is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Sporting a fully functional miniature V8 engine, an elongated frame to support it, a section of a plastic model car, two small front and two larger rear tires, this little puppy can roar. And I mean that in almost a literal sense, it sounds like you’re standing right next to a real monster – even through the video.

The owner doesn’t take it out on a stretch like you wish he would, believe me I was wishing for it when he first started it up, but he does display some amazing precision turns to display just what that little RC is capable of. While I doubt we’ll be seeing these on store shelves of any store in the future, there’s nothing stopping you from building one for yourself! You could even make one in the style of a modern truck and take it through a bog, that would really put it through the test!