DIY Polka Dots Clothes and Accessories

3Creative Ideas For Polka Dots

Famous since the 19th century, polka dots are one of the most common prints used in thousands of different things as clothes, shoes, decorative objects, accessories, painting…  They are nothing more than an array of filled circles, generally of the same size and spaced relatively close to each other. So if you are a fan of polka dots or if you like this pattern  we will show you how to customize some of the things you already have at home transforming them in polka dot items full of style and elegance.

4Polka Dot Shoes

Using the same technique from the jeans, you can also transform old shoes in new ones only using an appropriate paint for their material and some patience. Be sure they are clean and dry before start painting and try to follow the same layout in both shoes. After they dry it is only wear them and wait for the compliments

5Polka Dots Sunglasses

Full of style these polka dots glasses are very easy and simple to do. One of the options is using a permanent marker to make the dots on the frame. Another one is using some paint and a thin object as toothpicks or needles to print the dots. As the space is narrow and the dots must be really small you will need patience and concentration but in the end it is worth.

6Polka Dots Bag

You can cover your bag with polka dots and let it full of style. Following the same technique from the previous projects, you need something to make the dots and this will depend on the size you want. In the picture they used the top of a pencil to make small dots but if you want bigger ones a circular sponge brush will be perfect. Use the appropriate type of paint for the bag material and start doing the dots considering the layout and the spacing. Wait for the bag dry and it is done!

7Polka Dots Umbrella

Is there anything more elegant and stylish than a polka dot umbrella? You will be in the spotlight among all that ordinary black ones with this creative idea. Use a circular sponge brush and some fabric paint to make dots all around your umbrella. Wait it to dry and pray for rainy days.


Polka Dot Nails

If you want something more discrete and basic you can try polka dots on your nails! They are really simple to do and the effect is amazing. Use two polish nail colors that contrast with each other, one for the base and one for the dots. Wait for the first color dry and then start making the dots. You can use a pencil, needles, toothpick… chose the one you feel more secure. After is dry, apply some nail base coat to protect the dots.

Polka Dots Jeans

Transform and old pair of jeans in something new printing polka dots on them. It´s really easy and cheap since you will only need some fabric paint and a circular sponge brush (the size will depend on you. If you want small dots you can use a Bleach pen). Soak the sponge on the paint, remove the excess in a rag and start making the dots. It is important to follow a layout and try to make the dots equally spaced. After doing the front part, wait them dry and do the same on the back. Your new polka jeans are ready to be used!