Safety officer’s job at topless trampoline park is more difficult than most people imagine

If anyone were to ask you what the “dream job” would be, not in a sense that’s asking what you want to do with your life but in the sense that it’s an actual dream job no one would ever sanely offer, what would you say? Would it be a space cowboy? A permanent sleep study patient? What about being the guy in charge of safety at a topless trampoline park? I bet that last one caught your attention.

In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer in men, comedy actor and funny man Chris Dowd plays the role of Lars Larson, the Health and Safety Officer for many beautiful women as they bounce freely on trampolines. Very freely. And by beautiful, you’re in for a real treat. Now, I feel it’s important to note that breast cancer awareness has been a standard since I was a very little kid, but with male breast cancer awareness is also a noble cause as well, they did a brilliant job.

Without further ado, meet Lars, the man with the job we all know we’d have a blast with:

So, what’s your dream job looking like now?