Woman Hears Odd Noise In Ground, Horrified By What She Finds In A Pipe

While a woman’s home was under construction after a leak was found in one of her pipes, her usual morning routine took a sudden turn when she was left panicked by an odd noise coming from beneath her feet. It would only get worse when she took a closer look and was left horrified to see what was trapped inside an old pipe.

Kawahisa Yoshioka, a veterinarian from Guaira, Brazil, went out to feed a litter of puppies she was taking care of. As she walked across the ground, she unexpectedly heard an odd noise coming from beneath her feet, and she quickly realized that one of the litter’s puppies had gone missing. Remembering that construction was being done, she rushed over to the exposed pipe and was horrified when she looked down and saw the lost puppy, Donatello, trapped inside.

Woman Hears Odd Noise In Ground, Horrified By What She Found In A Pipe

Donatello in the pipe (Source: Express)

Yoshioka recalled, “I went out in the morning as usually to feed the puppies and their mom and noticed one of them was missing.” She continued, “I called for him and heard a noise coming from somewhere under the ground. I suddenly realized what had happened.”

For the next four hours, Yoshioka worked to coax the terrified puppy out herself. “The pup was whining a lot as it was so frightened,” she recalled, according to Express. “In the beginning, I thought I could get him out myself by pushing my hand down the tube and pulling him out but we couldn’t persuade him to move.”

When the animal only retreated further down the pipe and stopped whimpering, Yoshioka began to panic. She immediately called for the municipal civil guards to come out and assist her with the problem.

Woman Hears Odd Noise In Ground, Horrified By What She Found In A Pipe

A municipal civil guard officer had to dig a hole in the hallway to help Donatello (Source: Express)

When the officers arrived, they dug two holes, one in the hallway and the other in the woman’s garden. “We weren’t even sure exactly where he was inside; called some friends to help me, but we couldn’t grab him,” Yoshioka explained, according to Pet Rescue Report. “I was terrified that he was going to die and was almost crying with panic when he stopped making any noise.”

Eventually, the officers realized that Donatello had washed further down the pipe than expected and was trapped in an area located outside of the garden. The men then dug up another hole to reach the pipe and inserted a garden hose to gently push the terrified pooch out. Although Donatello was a bit dirty and shaken up, it didn’t take long before he was playing with his litter mates once again.

Woman Hears Odd Noise In Ground, Horrified By What She Found In A Pipe

Donatello (Source: Express)

There’s no telling how terrified Yoshioka was when she realized that one of the puppies she was caring for was trapped down a pipe. Thankfully, she was able to get the help she needed before the puppy was long gone – or worse – harmed in some way.

I think it’s safe to say that she’s learned a lesson in safety and will take better precautions when she’s caring for small animals in the future since they can literally get into anything. We’ve all made mistakes, but she’s lucky that nothing worse happened to the little rascal.