Police: Teen Arrested After Hospital Workers Discover What He Did To Newborn Son

An Arizona father was arrested after he showed up at a hospital with his 2-week-old son who showed signs of what’s known as shaken baby syndrome.

Anthony Estrada, 19, and Savionne Schartzbauer took their infant child to Banner Desert Hospital in Tempe, Arizona, on Memorial Day, claiming their baby was “acting weird,” KTVK reported.

According to a probable cause statement, the parents were vague about their child’s injuries at first. They said the baby hit his head on a table while his diaper was being changed.

But the baby’s injuries were far more serious. He had several bruises and abrasions and was unresponsive. Medical staff intubated the baby to help him with his breathing.

The mother said she left the child in Estrada’s care for about 20 minutes so she could buy some bandages, court documents stated. When she returned, she found the baby with his eyes swollen shut.

A medical social worker told police the baby had bruises and abrasions all over his body, including his cheek, lower left arm, left upper thigh and his right hand.

Estrada told police he had lost control of his son. He later admitted to biting the child’s right hand causing it to bleed and said he felt “frustrated while carrying his son, when the child was crying,” court documents state.

Police said Estrada revealed more details in a separate interview. The teen father said he was holding the child in the air by his left hand and then lost control. He said the baby fell onto a couch, rolled and hit a board.

But doctors told officers the story about the fall was not consistent with the child’s significant brain injury.

After speaking with the doctor on May 26, the arresting officer said the baby was suffering from traumatic injuries to all four quadrants of his brain. The boy required two blood transfusions.

Estrada is now facing child abuse charges.

Sources: KTVKABC 15

Photo Credit: Tempe Police Department via ABC 15