Teen Girl Fined Warns Police, Fined For Wasting Officer’s Time – Months Later Tragedy Strikes

A disturbing case of domestic violence turned deadly has emanated from the UK, and the victim even sought help from the police prior to her demise. She was turned away and fined for wasting their time. As the New York Post reports, the woman would end up brutally murdered, and the ex-boyfriend she was seeking protection from is the prime suspect.

Shana Grice was just 19. She had gone to the police last March to complain that her ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old Michael Lane, had pulled her hair and grabbed her phone. Lane denied the charges, and police claim that Grice never revealed to them that she had been in a relationship with him. The police turned her away, and even fined her due to “having caused wasteful employment of police by making a false report.”

Lane’s aggressiveness would increase in July, when he stole a key to the woman’s home and entered without her permission. That prompted police to tell him to stay away from her, but that wasn’t enough either. The next month, Grice was discovered brutally murdered. Her throat was slit, and she was lit on fire for good measure. Lane claimed that he was the one that discovered the body, but he alleges that he didn’t call for help right away because he was in shock.

“She wasn’t moving. I saw blood on the bed and blood on the floor,” he claimed.

Although he didn’t have a fathomable explanation for why he had gasoline with him, he still insists that he wasn’t the one responsible for her death. He claims that he merely brought the gasoline because he was upset over the death of his grandfather, and that he intended to use it on himself. He’s sticking to the story that he didn’t kill her at the trial, but he has admitted that he lied to police while being questioned. No word on how much time he’s facing if convicted, but hopefully prosecutors will be able to assemble some semblance of truth from his web of lies.

Source: New York Post
Photo: Facebook via Shana Grice