Would you wear these ‘fried chicken pants’ sweeping the internet?

Fowl fashion or bulging brilliance? Latest craze sweeping Japan baffles the internet – so would YOU wear ‘fried chicken pants’?

The things people will put themselves through for the sake of fashion. If you’ve ever seen Zoolander, the fashion industry does share a few commonalities outside of the ridiculousness the film portrays. Take their clothes for example; they tend to be a little over the top and out there, but that’s par for the course when you look at any real world runway. As the current season for new fashion ends, apparently Japan is only just beginning.

Meet the Fried Chicken Pants being sold online from Rakuten. Fashioned to appear as though the wearers legs were that of chickens, it’s easy to see how these could become an anti-style, style.

k_kazu_magi is a Twitter user who (though not originally) discovered the trousers and decided to share the imagery online with the rest of us. Since the post was submitted, over 60,000 people have liked and shared the faux pas.

The orange color make them look as though a chicken had been placed in an oven for an extended amount of time, had the crispy skin removed and sewn into pants. The saddest part about the whole thing is, I don’t fully believe this is the worst thing we’ve decided to wear.

Even the original Twitter poster commented how all they could think about when looking at this odd pair of pants is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Obviously they were never meant to make that association, but there you have it folks.

Even still, images of these suckers are being posted all around Japan with the tag, “fashionable” attached. If it weren’t for the fact that they cinch around the ankles then I would swear parachute pants were making a comeback.

The pants are so… on the fence that they’ve become a meme at this point. People wear them for the comedy instead of the fashion, but then there are those who truly enjoy the style.

I’m sure they feel incredible, that’s not the issue. The issue is that in order to make them feel this incredible you don’t need to make them look like food.

Good news for those that aren’t off-put by these pants, a pair would run you about $82. You’d be a hit at every Thanksgiving party, that’s for sure.