Mike Pence Pic Going Viral After People See Something Bizarre; Do You See It? (Photo)

Vice President Mike Pence shocked the Internet when he shared a photo of his family eating dinner at Chili’s with a disturbing view in the background.

In the photo, Pence was pictured sitting next to his daughter while his wife sat across from them. The family smiled as they posed in their booth, with a large mirror on the wall behind them. Shockingly, Pence’s daughter is not visible in the mirror despite sitting at the table next to him.

The strange image sparked speculation that Pence’s daughter was edited into the photo, while others theorized that she was a vampire. Many pointed out that there was no food on the table in front of her — claiming it was evidence that she drinks blood and doesn’t eat real food.

Others pointed out the more obvious fact that the VP was simply blocking his daughter in the mirror because of the way he was sitting.

“How about ..it looks like someone photoshopped her out of the mirror …look at how part of his body isn’t reflected ..his daughter in the mirror has been edited out with part of his body ..Gheesh more BS…this is nuts and why ?????” one viewer commented on Newsiosity’s Facebook page.

“The only thing terribly wrong with this is the media. This is how the media gives facts, turn it around and it’s caught a majority of attention, BUT, it’s really not a fact at all!” another added.

Sources: Newsiosity, Newsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: Mike Pence/Twitter via Newsiosity