How to Remove Eye Makeup Naturally

Remove Eye Makeup Naturally

There are so many products on the market that are especially designed for cleaning makeup and any other residues like dirt. Most of them are amazing and leave the skin in a great condition offering a hydrating and moisturizing effect in the same time. Having more or less chemicals, these products can get very expensive depending on the brand and its usability. Did you know you can replace them with an amazing oil found in the kitchen and used for so many beauty treatments which is coconut oil? Coconut oil is great for cooking, great for skin, great for hair and also for removing makeup.

How to use it? Take a small container with lid and fill it with coconut oil. Take a small amount of oil on your fingers and start rubbing your eyes, until you feel that the mascara has lift from the eyelashes. Take some cotton pads and clean the oil from the eyes until you look nice and clean. Enjoy your moisturized lashes and eyes. Keep the container in a cool temperature after use so the oil remains creamy and easier to take it out.
Source >> skinowl.