Amazing Braided Bracelet

1Amazing Braided Bracelet

Are you in for a cool diy tutorial on how to reuse old objects that doesn’t work anymore? We are sure you never thought about making an awesome fashion accessory out of an old pair of used headphones. Some attention and also no specific skills are required to complete this tutorial. After you have done this you can try and take other things like fabric or elastics and apply the same technique to make bracelets.

What you will need:
– old headphones;
– scissors;
– pencil.

1. Cut the ends of the headphones with the scissors then cut the cable in a way you have two equal sized wires.
2. Take the pencil, put each wire into two, then attach them to it as you can see in the picture.
3. Gather the wires as close as possible and start making knots between each other until you reached the desired length and don’t forget to leave a little of the wire so you can use it to secure the bracelet when wearing it.
4. After you have finished make a big knot at the end of the bracelet, take the pencil out and tie the ends together.


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