How To Magically Fix A Small Dent On Your Car


What can you do with compressed air and a hair dryer? Well let’s see…why you can fix dents in your car of course! I didn’t believe it either until I saw this. You will be amazed!

Do you have door dings that drive you crazy? People need to be more careful of my precious car! Maybe this is the solution! Not for people’s thoughtlessness but for those dents in your sweet ride. How does this hack work? The hot air from the hair dryer causes expansion and the cold compressed air causes contraction. Those two together cause the dent to pop right out. My one concern is paint damage. A dent is easier to live with than a huge discolored spot. I think I’d like to try this on my husband’s junker of a truck before I give it a go on my car.

There are many methods for removing dents.