How to Make Yummy Bread Cones


I love how gourmet these bread cones look! I think they look like scrumptious sea shells and I’ve never seen anything in the store that even comes close to them. The best part is that they aren’t even hard to make! This tutorial from Home Cooking In Montana is delicious and detailed and I’m so excited to feature it here today!

You make these using a standard bread recipe and cones covered in foil. The cones can be made from whatever you have laying around. Ice cream cones, paper cones, or anything else you can find that is horn shaped; no matter. Just be sure that you wrap them nice and tight in foil and grease it so the bread comes off nicely. These would be perfect for a party or brunch! I want to try the originals and then I wouldn’t want to use a cinnamon bread recipe and have some sort of dessert filling. Yum! Here is a recipe for the perfect cinnamon roll in case you are leaning towards sweet and not savory.