How to Tie a Tie Easy and Fast


He makes two loops in a necktie. Seconds later? Wow! Can you believe he can tie a tie so easily and fast? I wish I had known this trick before!

Neckties are essential to any formal occasions. If you are struggling to tie a tie or looking for ways to do it faster, here’s a super easy and fast tutorial by CrazyRussianHacker. Instead of knotting the tie around your neck, you can just put the tie on your table and do some brilliant looping. Once you practice a lot and master the technique, you can make a perfect knot in seconds! And you can save the knot for future use without having to tie it again. This creative and simple trick will let you tie a tie like a Ninja and make your life so much easier. Check out the video below and learn all the steps. Enjoy!

(source: CrazyRussianHacker)

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