How to Build Your Own Fire Pit


People that choose to invest in the facilities available for entertainment in their yard is growing with each day. A fire pit may seem like the perfect choice, regardless of the climate. Having a nice evening around the fire with your friends or loved ones will definitely worth the shoveling the base and moving the wall blocks of the pit. It’s not an intricate project, but if you’re determined you too could have a simple 4 foot diameter DIY outdoor fire pit of 12 to 16 inches tall, over the weekend. The materials required are as follows: 68 12″ L by 4″ H Limestone Basic Retaining Wall Block, a few bags of sand, decomposed granite, or pea gravel, some landscape retaining wall adhesive and – of course – shovels, rakes and wheel barrow. The gravel is used to give a nice aesthetic appeal, as well as for safety reasons. Follow the instructions provided in the tutorial and a similar fire pit could be raised in your yard. Wonderful!

Simple DIY Outdoor Fire Pit – Instructions by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom