How to Build an Earthbag Roundhouse


People don’t always have the right tools or materials at disposal to build a structure that will suit their needs. In urban areas, a lot is done by machinery, but there are places where bags of earth replace all of the technology. The principles of building homes are still in place though, so it won’t be impossible. The DIY earthbag round house is a pretty good choice, both in terms of aesthetics and efficiency. You will end up with a financially accessible building and a home resistant to harsh weather conditions. Check out the list of materials required and make sure you have all before you start. When all of the preparatory actions are done, measuring the circle, positioning the bags and so on and so forth, you have to know that you’ll be pouring cement between the bags and also a thin coat over them before troweling all the plaster smooth. This must be taken into consideration when hiring help for raising this kind of house. Follow all of the steps included in the tutorial (by Owen Geiger) and good luck!

How to Build an Earthbag Roundhouse by Owen Geiger